Friday, 20 February 2009

whats in a name

i have been trying to come up with the best ever bakery name....

and everything i come up with is taken.

i was thinking something french would be differnt and fun... miette ( means crumb) which is how i stumbled onto the miette bakery, which looks beautiful and fabulous, and their story sound sso much my own that it could be my own... but its not and alas one of my fave names has allready been snatched up!

i thought something fun might be nice like the cupcakery, or the cakery or buttercup cake shop, but again all these had been snatched up.... so i moved along to more sultry names, like red velvet, of which several varieties are out there.... i have to say that is one things we have lost in the digital age... being able to name a shop whatever we want as long as we have never heard of it before. you see... if no one could look online for these names i would never have known someone else thought it was a good idea too and i could have moved forward....

at anyrate.... i have come up with a shortlist... :

The Magnolia Cakery Co

Bliss Cakery

Angel Cake Shop

will see how well these stick...

have always loved magnolias so that one just may well stick.

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