Sunday, 22 February 2009

the hunt is on

for the first of my next two cakes i have decided it would be good to do a rich chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting, or a red velevet cake.... its for a man but i still want it to be pretty, have come along some fabulous photos online for red velvet cakes, but cant seem to find a recipe not based on cooking out of a box....

i may look to recreate the rede velvet done so expertly to the left, but i am also ocnfident that a chocolate cake would go down quite well... will keep everyone posted on my recipe search..... then it will be onto the next birthday cake.

The second one is meant ot be more portable and is for a lady. she is quite worldly and comes from a very nice family, so treating her to something extra special is even more of a challenge- which i look forward to....

so far i am thinking some red velvet cake balls like these gorgeous ones ( done by some other cake bloggers) are lovely.... just have to figure out a red velvet cake recipe and then have my first attempt at cake balls.... perhaps i could try for larger ones so they arent bite size and would feel more like a cupcake?

i have also seen them done in white chocolate and also in differnet shapes like hearts and squares. i wonder also how nice dark chocolate might be or whatother topics you may be able to mix in to create a different look? some blue colouring to create a red/ white and blue for 4th of july?

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